Are you thinking about joining a research study at lol竞猜app推荐?

Joining a research study is an important choice and one that should be based on having clear and complete information about how the study works and how it might affect you. Here are some questions for you to consider asking as you are making this important decision:


The answer to this question depends on the type of study you are thinking about joining. Some studies have no impact on your health care and are separate from where your health care provider works. Other studies might be about health care itself, or comparing different ways health care is given. This second type of study could affect your health care. If you have concerns about whether being in 一项lol竞猜app will affect your health care, ask the study staff directly so that you can make an informed decision. 


在你参加lol竞猜app之前, the staff will explain what the study is about and what study participants will do. They will also share the risks and benefits of the study, if there are any.   

The study might provide you with written material like a pamphlet, a letter, or a consent form. It’s a good idea to read anything they give you very carefully. It is the research team’s job to make sure you understand what study participation involves before you decide whether to join. Once you feel your questions have been answered and you feel comfortable participating, the staff will ask you whether you agree to be in 一项lol竞猜app. If you have concerns or unanswered questions about 一项lol竞猜app, you can always say “no.”

你可以在任何时候退出lol竞猜app. The research staff might ask you for your reason for leaving the study, 但你不需要提供理由. You should never be made to feel badly if you want to stop before the study is over. There are cases when quitting could affect your health, depending on what type of study you are in. For instance, you may be given instructions on how to safely stop using study medications. If this happens, you might consider talking to your health care provider before stopping the study. 


There are many ways that study teams protect participant privacy. 一些例子包括:

  • Using a random ID number instead of your name on study materials
  • Only having conversations about your study participation in a private space
  • Keeping study records in a locked space and using password-protected computers
  • Storing study information on computers behind electronic protection (also called a “firewall”)

However, 一项lol竞猜app team can never promise that your information is totally protected. 不管他们有多努力, 可能有这样的情况, such as running into someone you know in the study clinic, 不小心分享到你在lol竞猜app中. If you have concerns about how your privacy will be protected, talk about these concerns with the study staff so you can make a decision that is right for you. 

What are the benefits and risks of me being in a research study?

Every research study involves certain benefits and risks to study participants, 取决于lol竞猜app的目的和程序. It is the study team’s responsibility to explain what these risks and benefits are before you decide whether to join. You should only decide about joining once you feel you fully understand these risks and benefits. 

What do I need to consider if I am thinking about joining 一项lol竞猜app about genetics?

遗传lol竞猜app, 有时也被称为"基因组lol竞猜app", is different than other types of research because the tests that are done could reveal health information that you might have in common with your family members.

例如, there are studies that test whether participants have a gene that puts them at higher risk for developing a certain health condition. Having a genetic risk like this could mean that your relatives have it too. While some people find learning this information helpful, 其他人可能会感到惊讶甚至害怕.

在加入基因组学lol竞猜app之前, talk to the family members who might be affected by learning these test results. It is important that study participation does not cause disagreements or bad feelings between family members. If you are concerned about this type of family sharing of medical information, you should consider this as you make your decision to join, 或不加入, 一项lol竞猜app.

If you have questions or concerns about being in a KPWHRI research study, please contact:

坦尼娅马修斯, IRB管理员
lol竞猜app推荐 Health lol竞猜app Institute
圣马纳大道1730号. 1600


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